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ART ......... produces paintings, digital images for web application, video installation, artistically includes web design, oil painting, poster and Digital Art. His early artistic training from his sister Lourine and brother Calvin. Refined drawing/ painting skills from Sylvester Sims (Milwaukee), and graphic design / UWM Scott Zukowski., with Milwaukee mentors artists Patrick Turner, and Calvin Greer.

MUSIC........." I grew up on the powerdrive tenors, Coltrane,Stanley T., King Curtis, Dexter and others." James Dallas is a Milwaukee-based composer/artist, saxophonist and writer who writes/produces/performs music ... creates visual/images for web application, video installation, cd recordings . His work musically combines elements of jazz ,Funk, electronics, and Latin. Instruments:Baritone,Tenor & Soprano sax...Flute /Bass Clarinet...EWI(Akai) Keyboards & digital programming. James is an ASCAP member since 1983 and his compositions have been used by National Geographic of Spain. His musical training includes Instructor/saxophonist Joseph Aaron (saxophone) , Composer/Instructor Clifford Gribble (jazz study), Berklee School of Music (Frank Wilkins), Design by James Dallas(C) 2015-2016 all rights reserved